Caroline Spelman MP determined to show select committee impact of HS2 on our community

Caroline Spelman, MP for the Meriden Constituency has met with MP’s on the HS2 Select Committee who came to see for themselves the likely impact of HS2 on the Borough.

The MP’s on this special select committee will hear the petitions submitted by those affected by the proposed high speed rail line from London to the West Midlands in preparation for the petitioning process. 

Whilst in the area, they put in stops to talk to local residents at some of the key points along the line of route.  They were able to see what local people and the local MP, Caroline Spelman, have been calling for. 

Arriving by train into Birmingham International, they went across to the airport to hear how the new line will better connect the airport, but, how it needs to optimise the shuttle from the new interchange station to the terminals. The next stop was the NEC, via the roadworks to improve traffic flow at junction 6 on the M42. The construction of the leisure complex by Genting has been achieved, while maintaining business as usual at the NEC who want the same guarantee during the HS2 construction works.  From there, the party followed the A452 to Berkswell Station, where a group of local residents showed them how visually intrusive the HS3 flyover would be at this point, and why a tunnel is so desperately needed. 

From here the MPs were taken via Berkwell village itself through Meriden to Hampton-in- Arden, where the Parish Council Chairman and residents showed them the impact on Patricks Farm and the need for a more suitable viaduct over the flood plain of the river Blythe.

From there along, they proceeded along Diddington lane which is disputed for closure and past the Island project, a special school for autistic children, which would be hemmed in on all sides by construction and needs to be relocated.  There were two more stops on farmland needed for the interchange station by Park Farm and Melbicks Nursery. Finally, the select committee went to see the mitigation of the route at Chelmsley wood where efforts by Caroline Spelman MP and the Council got the route moved further away from the estate and has left the Bluebell recreation ground intact. The Committee also heard from council officials, the plans to link the estate to the new transport infrastructure and designate Chelmsley Wood into a garden city, including  shops, services and houses in the link as long as the threat of installing marshalling yards can be seen off.


Caroline Spelman said; “It was a great opportunity for myself and local people to meet with the select committee.  I was determined that the visiting MP’s saw for themselves the impact this high speed line will have on my constituency and why we need a tunnel at Berkswell station together with other mitigations along the route. It will also help when I come to present my petition calling for compensation for the construction works.”