Conservative-led Council getting tough on fly-tipping

Cameras are being installed in key 'hot spots' in the borough to help detect and prevent fly-tipping.

The cameras will be trialled for six months and are motion activated. They will capture images within the camera's field of view so, if fly-tipping occurs, it will give the council evidence to help catch those responsible.

Cllr Alison Rolf, Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities & Partnerships on Solihull Council, said: "Tackling and reducing fly tipping in Solihull remains a priority for the Council and we hope that installing these cameras will help us to achieve this. We know that fly tipping is a nuisance to residents and harmful to the environment, which is why we are continually looking at ways to address the problem. We hope that the introduction of these cameras will send a strong message to people thinking about fly tipping, that it is not tolerated in Solihull."