Gary Allport - A Shirley man, through and through

I ask you to put your trust in me for another four years at the Local Elections on May 3rd.  I am an experienced Councillor with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of success.  I became a Councillor to get a better deal for our community that means so much to me and I have worked tirelessly from day one of my election, 8 years ago, to do just that.   With your help, I will continue to do so.  My clear commitment to you can be seen from the endless planning applications I have fought against, the work that I do to benefit all in our community and also from the fact that I have never claimed a penny in expenses for representing you. 

 To put the record straight,  I moved to Knowle five years ago, when I married Gail, a former teacher from St James Junior School  -  in Shirley.  I still worship at the same church I was christened and married at — Shirley Parish Church.  I am the Treasurer of the local RAF Association  - in Shirley.  I work with many other community groups in Shirley.  WHAT MY MAIN OPPONENT HASN’T TOLD YOU IS THAT HE DOESN’T LIVE IN SHIRLEY EITHER AND ACTUALLY LIVES IN THE MERIDEN CONSTITUENCY TOO!

I take great pride in my work and involvement in Shirley, never more so than when I represented our Borough as Mayor in  2007.  I remain committed to YOU — the residents of SHIRLEY and I always will.  Please put your trust in me again on 3rd May— I won’t let you down.