Julian Knight to chair public meeting into the future of urgent care services at Solihull Hospital

Julian Knight, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Solihull and local NHS campaigner, is to chair a landmark public meeting into the future of both Solihull's walk-in centre and Accident and Emergency. The meeting will give the people of Solihull the chance to put questions to Dr Patrick Brooke who heads up Solihull's Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which is responsible for the planned changes to the NHS in Solihull.

Julian said; "We are undergoing the biggest changes in a generation to the NHS in Solihull and this is the one chance that the people of Solihull will have to put their questions in an open public meeting."

The meeting will take place at Solihull Moors Football Club, Damson Park, Damson Parkway Solihull on Monday, 10th March, starting at 6.30pm.

The CCG plans to relocate Solihull's successful walk-in service into the main Solihull Hospital building and extend its opening hours. In addition, the Accident and Emergency will morph into a new urgent care centre. There are however, no plans to reduce the medical care offered at Solihull Hospital.

However, a recent official report into the state of Solihull's Accident and Emergency sparked controversy when it was revealed that the current set up didn't have a full scale A&E facility.

Solihull NHS has been running a series of roadshows and other meetings in order to let the public know of the planned changes to urgent care provision in Solihull.

Julian felt that the CCG needed to step up its consultation and asked Dr Patrick Brooke to join him for a public question and answer session.

Julian Knight said: "I am delighted that the CCG have agreed to come along to this public meeting.  This will be the largest public meeting of its type during the consultation process so I urge anyone who wants to know more about the planned changes and wishes to put their question to the CCG to join us on 10 March."

"I have been spearheading the fight to keep walk-in services at Solihull hospital for the past year and now is an opportunity to see where we are at and where we go from here. I know there has been some controversy over Accident and Emergency in Solihull, but the important thing is that we have a clear roadmap of where we go from here."

Dr Patrick Brooke said; "As part of our proposals to improve the services of Solihull Hospital we are planning to centralise existing urgent care services at Solihull Hospital.  The new arrangement will mean all urgent care services will be under one roof, with one front door, one reception desk and all joined together. 

"The proposals will help us deliver a single “joined up” service, provide a safer “less confusing” service, save the walk in service and ensure a sustainable “long term” urgent care service at Solihull Hospital.

"We are keen to hear from the residents and patients in Solihull. We are holding a series of roadshows and mobile exhibitions.  For those people who are unable to attend this or other meetings we have leaflets and surveys available in print and on line at www.solihullccg.nhs.uk/urgent-care-review-solihull, Twitter: @solihullccg #ucaresolihull or telephone 0121 713 8731. It is important to us that as many people as possible join in and have their say."