Julian Knight, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Solihull, delighted at news about free school meals for infant schools in Solihull

Reacting to the news that the Conservative majority coalition government is to give free school meals to all children in infant schools,

Julian Knight, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Solihull said: “This will be a godsend for hundreds of hard working families across Solihull. On average this will save Solihull parents £400 a year combined with the raising of the income tax personal allowance to above £10,000 this shows that despite the tough economic climate we are on the side of those that work, bring up a family and try and get on in life."

"Pupils will be able to sit down to a hot meal everyday with their classmates this will help health amongst our young people and save time and cash for parents."

At the moment free school meals are only available to children whose parents are on benefits and earn less than £16,190 a year. The extension of this scheme to all children will cost £500m.

Julian added; "Many parents have felt that it is unfair that they have missed out on free meals for their children because they choose to go out to work, this addresses this imbalance. We want parents who work to feel that the state is on their side and willing to support them and their children. That is a crucial difference between us and labour and the liberal democrats."