Julian Knight welcomes plans for ambulance to remain at Hermitage Road site.

Julian Knight, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Solihull and walk-in centre campaigner, has welcomed the plans to continue to have an ambulance located at the Hermitage Road site in Solihull after redevelopment has taken place.

Originally, it looked as if the site, which used to host up to four ambulances was going to be closed entirely. This would have left Silhillians potentially waiting longer for ambulances to arrive but with the promise of enhanced paramedic cover to compensate.

Now according to planning documents that Julian Knight has seen there is now the possibility of retaining a regular ambulance at the Hermitage Road site even after its planned redevelopment.

Julian Knight welcomed the news: “These plans are clearly in their early stages but if it is true and an ambulance will be located at Hermitage Road it is very welcome news.

“Although there has been some scaremongering about this issue; there were legitimate concerns over ambulance cover in Solihull which it is good to see being addressed. “

“I have been contacted by constituents who under the current system have complaints over the length of time it takes to get an ambulance and hopefully with the upgrading of paramedic coverage in Solihull and the proposed siting of this ambulance in Hermitage Road, we will see response times going down rather than up, which is what everyone wants at the end of the day.”