Local Conservatives fight for fairer school funding

Solihull is one of 42 local authorities among the lowest funded for Education in England. The current funding formula disadvantages Solihull, leaving local schools with less funding per pupil than neighbouring local authorities.


Dame Caroline Spelman, the Conservative MP for Meriden, has been campaigning for changes to the funding formula for over a decade. The local Conservatives have now launched a petition calling on the Secretary of State for Education, to urgently review schools’ funding in Solihull: https://bit.ly/2xInyks


Following the launch of the petition, Dame Caroline said: “Fairer schools funding is critical to ensuring our young people receive the very best education. It cannot be right that a postcode lottery effectively determines that local schools receive over £1,000 less per pupil compared to neighbouring authorities. The Education Secretary, and the next Prime Minister must commit to righting this injustice.”  


Julian Knight, Conservative MP for Solihull said; "Solihull schools are the best in the country, and we have already made great strides in correcting the unfair funding formula where Birmingham pupils receive more cash.  Frankly, I want to see more money in the system full stop - billions not millions.  But remember, we can't look after our hospitals and schools if Jeremy Corbyn trashes the economy."