A small mess but a huge problem to residents

Conservative Councillors for Shirley South, Gary Allport & Peter Doyle regularly receive complaints from local residents who are fed up with having to dodge dog mess left on pavements, grass verges and parkland by inconsiderate dog owners who do not clear up after their pets.

Cllr Gary Allport said “The majority of dog owners do clean up after their pets but sadly there are a minority who simply do not.  It only takes a minute to clear up the mess and doing so makes the environment so much better for everyone.  There are also health issues, particularly for young children who are risk of Toxocariasis which can lead to eye problems and in extreme cases, blindness.”

Gary and Peter have been busy putting up new dog fouling signs provided by Solihull Council in and around the Shirley South ward to act as a reminder to dog walkers and they hope that more care will be taken to clear up after their pets. They are also asking residents of Shirley South to let them know where there is a particularly bad problem to get in touch, so that they can let the environmental health officers know where the hot spots are.