What's happening with the old Powergen building

We are as frustrated as other residents that this remains an  eyesore and wasted local resource, but it is at the top of our  agenda and a priority for Solihull Council.   Regeneration will start THIS SPRING and Shirley will be having major investment that will revitalise the once proud Golden Mile. 

The Powergen site currently remains under the control of Asda, but now a date has been set to begin the construction of the Parkgate scheme we are hopeful they will agree to release the site for redevelopment.  We want to see the site refurbished and redeveloped as soon as possible and are sure that residents will share our viewpoint and we can make Shirley proud again. 

Mark says; “I would like to see a mixed residential and leisure site to benefit residents and the Powergen building itself refurbished into something useful.  I believe it would help the area develop economically and provide more job opportunities.”