Council Tax FROZEN for 5th year running

Your Conservative-run Council is rated as one of the best in the country for managing the money it receives, whilst  constantly striving to provide high quality services at a price we can afford.  Because we receive one of the lowest revenue support grants from Central Government, it is essential that we plan and manage carefully how we spend the money we receive. 


However, your local Conservatives have good news - for the 5th year running; we have decided not to increase council tax.  We can only hope that the Labour run Police and Fire Authorities follow our example in not increasing their precepts. 



Conservative Councillor Bob Sleigh, Leader of the Council, said: “I am pleased to be able to recommend that we freeze council tax in Solihull for the fifth successive year.

“Along with the rest of the public sector, the Council faces a massive challenge in the next few years to deliver public services with a much lower level of funding than previously.

“However, these are also exciting times for Solihull, with managed growth in the borough’s economy increasing the income we generate locally. Furthermore, the Council remains in a sound financial position, with a balanced budget and sufficient reserves to manage the anticipated budget risks over the next few years.

“Our priority as a council is to improve and enrich our residents’ lives and to continue to provide essential services at a consistently high standard and make the best use of our resources by aligning them to the needs of the people of Solihull.”