Julian Knight, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Solihull, has said that we all owe the police a 'debt of gratitude' for their quick action moving travellers on from Tudor Grange Park.

 The traveller camp appeared overnight last Thursday, when dozens of caravans moved on from Chadwick End targeted Tudor Grange Park.

 Julian Knight and St Alphege Councillor Joe Tildesley arrived at the scene on Friday morning to monitor the situation and to check on the progress of having them moved on. 

Julian praised the action of the local police. “We were heartened by the quick action of Solihull's finest on this occasion. The travellers had already been served with a notice to vacate the site and it was really encouraging to see the camp surrounded by the thin blue line of police."

 "As a result of this show of police force and determination the travellers were moved on before the afternoon before they had a chance to create the sort of damage and disruption that all too sadly had taken place in Chadwick End."

 "We all owe the police a debt of gratitude for their quick work on this and we must always be on the lookout for these illegal camps, which seem to spring up from time to time."

 As a result, the Fun in the Park event scheduled for Saturday 20th September is not under threat, and the residents of Solihull can continue to enjoy Tudor Grange Park.