Julian Knight saves the Number 73 bus

Julian Knight's five month campaign to save the "NHS lifeline" number 73 bus service from Solihull to Heartlands hospital has finally succeeded.

Centro, which has faced a barrage of criticism of its plans to scrap the number 73 bus, told council bosses on Thursday evening that they have decided to climb-down and keep the bus service.

There will though be some minor timetable alterations, but as Julian explains this is a small price to pay. 

Julian said; "Scrapping the bus would have meant anyone living in Solihull would have had to clamber off four buses to get to and from Heartlands Hospital. The people of Shirley would have been in a worse position, having to take six buses. Just think of elderly people trying to keep their appointments being left in the freezing cold. It was a callous and nonsensical idea"

"With so many of our crucial NHS services being shifted to Heartlands, it made no sense to kill off the number 73. I am delighted that after five months of hard work and with the support of so many people in Solihull for my campaign, we have succeeded."

However, Julian is not finished and has pledged to take further action.  He added; “I will be writing to Centro to ask them to give their assurances that now they have seen the strength of feeling over the number 73, they will not threaten it again in the foreseeable future. I do not want us to have to travel the same road in a year’s time."