Your local Conservatives are delighted to report that Solihull Council,  Shirley Advance and Asda have now signed an undertaking to work together to bring about a plan to redevelop the Powergen eyesore that has blighted our community for almost two decades.

Public exhibitions were held throughout September at various locations in Shirley where residents could view the proposals and leave their comments.   Your local Conservatives have always maintained they will work hard to find a solution to the Powergen eyesore, so naturally we are delighted that plans are finally in the pipeline. 


It’s great that residents have had the opportunity to look at the proposals being put forward and give their feedback about the development of this site, which has blighted our community for years.  We now have to wait for the formal planning application to be submitted and hope that our opponents do not use this as a political football, which could cause years and years of delays - just like we saw with the re-development of Parkgate.

If planning permission is granted work could start next year!   Rest assured we will campaign hard to get this eyesore removed once an for all.